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Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC

CherryBelle, our charts are very similar with regard to the angles and Saturn return.. This grand cross will be upon me in a few weeks. I already moved (to a place I LOVE) about a year ago, and almost simultaneously left a short-lived relationship very abruptly, so I wonder if maybe my chart is "off" a little bit. I can't imagine moving again. I do expect my mother to die soon, so that might be Pluto/4th. I am single so Uranus on descendant is welcomed. Bring it! In fact, I am so sick of my life the way it is, except for the wonderful house, that I'm excited to see what happens. I think it might be detrimental to "expect doom" - I was scared when I first saw this coming, too, but I have seen major transits line up and - poof. Nothing. And when things DID happen, there were no outstanding transits to attach to them. So... try to relax. Be vigilant but try not to expect doom. Get extra rest, put some extra cash away, spend time with your support network and dwell on what you would LIKE to have happen. It's all we can do, ey? I might be singing a different tune next month, but - whatever. The good news is - it's only temporary. ; )
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