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Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC

Originally Posted by astro_novice View Post
Sorry to utter the D word again. I want to emphasize that there are infinite possibilities for all transit outcomes. The natal chart itself actually does not mark an end point. One should keep an open mind always.

I have been just observing and contemplating about D, because my aging parents live in a different country, and I want to be with them and hold their hands when they leave the world for better. Because of the distance, and due to my career and children's education, I need to know way ahead of time.

Best wishes to all.
I appreciate this, this is what I would love to do for my mum when the time comes. If I get to do this, its up to fate I feel. I can do my best to be near her. But our healing and our presence, the energies, can transcend geographic distance, I also feel.

I too would like to know ahead of time, when the time will be, so as to prepare and find a way to be near, due to geography.

best wishes to you
transits: transit uranus square natal sun / transit square natal

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