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Re: How can we know if a 'big' year is coming from the Solar Return chart?

Interesting, next year you will be experiencing an LB of Fortune to the sign Pisces, which emphasizes Jupiter. Natal Jupiter is located smack on the descendant, and with the current transits in Capricorn, that is two testimonies that you're going into a busy 7th house period - which may excite you. Eros is a specialized lot for relationships/romance. What will you be experiencing with regard to that?

What profection year are you currently in? How does your current SR stack up against these other timing techniques? I'm surprised you haven't posted your chart in the thread yet.

Just a sidenote, when level goes to Capricorn in 2021 (means a 7th house period, emphasizing not only Jupiter but the Mars/Saturn conjunction in the 5th sign) almost simultaneously Venus will enter your sign of Eros.

Also note significance does not say "good" or "bad". But emphasis and greater activity.

One more thing. Next year when you turn 36, not only will you be in the thick of a Jupiter return but through planetary years you will also go into a significant Jupiter year (the planetary years for Jupiter are 12, 12+12+12 yields 36). This again emphasizes Jupiter on the 7th house cusp.

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