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Re: What career/job will I succeed in?

Originally Posted by astrokp View Post
Hello Kite,

Thanks for reading my chart. I recently realised how the position of Jupiter in my chart is not so favourable as I had imagined/expected it to be. Is this placement going to make me feel out of place at every job?

Communications actually just happened. I think I wanted to be a journalist back when I was in school because I thought it was 'cool' and I wasn't very good at science or math. It's interesting that you suggest hospitality in a healing sense. I have had people tell me that it would truly make me happy if/when I help someone and I am aware of that possibility. At the same time my Leo in the 6th wants me to do something big, not knowing exactly what!
It means that you will need to work harder to pick yourself up when life inevitably knocks you down at times. The same is true for each of it's just more of a focus area for you. As far big things for your Leo house, I would look to Leo's ruler which is the Sun and is now progressed to your 12th house where it's been for most of your life. In about 4 1/2 years your natal Sun will progress into your 1st house (Aquarius). I would expect that your 6th house matters will change, most likely for the better.

Also in play has been your progressed Midheaven. Earlier this year around Feb. or March, It progressed to a conjunction to your natal Uranus (and your solar arc ascendant ingressed into Aries). That could signify a shake-up in your career/job. Your Midheaven progresses to Neptune next which can either make you very foggy about your career direction or point you into Neptunian types of work. That aspect is exact in a little over two years from now but you should be feeling it over the longer period.

One very interesting event coming up for you in mid-February is that your Lunar Phase starts a new cycle with a New Moon (your progressed Sun conjuncts your progressed Moon). This happens at 26 Aquarius in your natal 12th house. This signifies new beginnings though it probably comes with some losses/endings being in your 12th house.

Anyway, concerning your Jupiter, there is plenty of help coming from decent aspects like Moon/Venus opposing and Uranus in trine. I think Saturn is your strongest planet so working harder should be no big deal. Get better at managing people and Jupiter should begin to work more in your favor.
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