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Re: What career/job will I succeed in?

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Well the ruler of your 10th - Jupiter is out of sect and retrograde in a cadent house (6) which is probably why you are feeling out of place. Since 6 also signifies your employees, it makes some sense that you see them a vicious.

Mars is in its detriment and is anaretic (30th degree) which puts pressure on it to find a way to express its last gasp of Taurus before entering Gemini. May be why you chose communications --trying to make that leap. I think some attention should be paid to Chiron in your 5th house which is ruled by Cancer. I think this could point the way to hospitality -- in a healing sense. Luxury spa retreat kind of thing (Moon with Venus in 12) maybe. Chiron also opposes your Capricorn stellium so I would think you would want to explore issues around the "wounded healer".
Hello Kite,

Thanks for reading my chart. I recently realised how the position of Jupiter in my chart is not so favourable as I had imagined/expected it to be. Is this placement going to make me feel out of place at every job?

Communications actually just happened. I think I wanted to be a journalist back when I was in school because I thought it was 'cool' and I wasn't very good at science or math. It's interesting that you suggest hospitality in a healing sense. I have had people tell me that it would truly make me happy if/when I help someone and I am aware of that possibility. At the same time my Leo in the 6th wants me to do something big, not knowing exactly what!
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