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Re: My chart is a puzzle

may like to share specific feedbacks on your
talents-traits-health-life trends-ideas to pick, remedies etc,
how true-untrue-insightful-helpful :

Mars own scorpio first, growth-riches through
research-occult-forensic-metallurgical aptitudes;

sat-mars opp stress-struggle, health stressed,
entrepreneurial-mech aptitudes;
jup aspect mars good for project work;

Asc lord venus debilated virgo 11th for gains
through art-health care-editorial roles-women-jewellery etc;
self-centred in relationships;
kidney-intestinal issues;

wear 0.25 carat diamond over platinum pendant touching heart;

venus elevated aspect pisces 5th,
supportive of luck-edu-romance-children-position;

jup lord 5th with sat over taurus 8th, aptitude for
economics/economic research, dentistry, nutrition, etc;

leo-sun inimical-malefic for libra asc,
stress-delays in income-gains-friendships;

inimical sun over cancer 10th, stress-delays in
gains from career n recognition and from govt-corporates;
heart-lung-knee issues;
rahu now transit sun cancer clouding things n health; toxic issues;

moon-mer-rahu NNode inimical leo 10th, wanting to soar in career;
international govt affairs, communications, anesthetics, etc;
toxic heatlh issues - heart-stomach-knees-lungs-skin etc;

rise-fall in life, mer lord 9th for luck-edu-travels under stress-delays;
moon lord 10th for career under stress-delays;

prayers for ancestors, observe fast No-moon evenings;
observe death anniversaries religiously;
wear brown hessonite over pendant touching heart;

ketu separative SNode acq 4th, reformist-innovative;
detachment from mother-motherland-property;

Sat-ketu now 1.5yr transit cap 4th opp sun,
home-career-health-parental relationships under great stress;

prayers to Christ, offer red flowers at alter at home sat mornings;

jup now transit own sag 3rd for advisory roles these days;
trine moon-mer-rahu leo 10th for rise in career/foreign assignments etc;

hope offers clues to pick as relevant and integrate,
share salient feedbacks how true-insightful,
traits-talents-health-life trends-remedies-ideas to pick etc etc

wishing well with jupiter transit,


ps : read earlier?
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