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Re: What can I expect during Saturn return?

Thank you very much Harmelia, I love your in-depth reading. I didn't expect such details and I am grateful you spent so much time reading my chart. I have been reading and re-reading your interpretation to grasp its depth.

You're right, I have always wanted to seek the 'truth' and have during several instances had the truth almost walk right up in front of me. It's amazing yet strange at the same time. The last two years, I'd say I have wanted to know and understand myself better. My boss at work has, I believe, been supportive on that front by constantly reminding me of my strengths, helping me pull myself up from recurring, obsessive thoughts of being 'not enough'; I also pulled myself out of a relationship of 6 years which I thought I was happy to be in but really wasn't. I guess these are ways Saturn was helping me. I am also trying hard to be okay with whoever I am. I notice people getting by or seeming to get by by lying, manipulating and creating unreal images of themselves, and know that I don't want to be like them but really be at peace with whatever my problem areas are. Also trying to not punish myself for failing. It's hard but I hope I can do this successfully and emerge a strong, confident person.

You're right, I am empathic and very sensitive and also very impressionable. I assume everyone to be good and clear of any malicious intent. I am also always ready to help people, and have learnt it the hard way that not everyone really needs 'help' and may have other intentions in mind. However, I still rush to help wherever/whenever I can and I want to change that. I would love to do something for others. When I love I give my all and I enjoy that. I like making others happy and their lives a bit easier if possible. At the same time, I also expect to be treated in a similar way and that's where I have had issues with in my past relationships - not just romantic relationships but within my family. I have mostly done things for myself, by myself with not as much financial or emotional support from family or friends.

I have grown to be more careful around people, thinking twice before being myself having experienced bullying and discrimination based on what I revealed about myself. So, my first reaction in a social setting is to close myself in.

I do my best work in a quiet, personal space but I like to also get some bit of the limelight, especially for all the work I do. I look up to smart, intelligent, confident women who are able to get their rightful place on their merit. I aspire to be one such woman some day, but again this could be a product of my learnings throughout my life so far - that women 'should be confident, intelligent and smart to be desirable'. I have been told that I write well, and I think I do too but it strains to sit and write. Perhaps something I should consider working on during the next few months.

Harmelia, if I could ask you some follow-up questions, would you be able to take a look at my chart again and help answer? I am happy for you to skip this because I understand you must've spent enough time already.

Can you give me some idea how my career will be in the long-term? Will I be able to get where I aspire to? My finances have also been bad the last few months, will that improve any time soon?

Thank you very much again. If I remember something that I missed to add here I will come back and leave you a comment.
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