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Re: Each Signís Drug of Choice

Originally Posted by Whoam1 View Post
I can say yes to freaky and supernatural shows for Pisces. Seriously kill the capy stigma rn tho, MLK and Elvis were both capys. Most cap suns tropical and Sidreal I know have dyed hair, emotional issues, and like to break/burn ****.
Ahh, I assume this is a thread done solely in jest. Lol, for Cancer...'cooking with our mother' ???
That's what people think of us. I wouldn't let that make you fret. People know there's infinite more depth to the signs even just on the sun sign level. I think people know by now that Capricorns can be quite dark. Check out David Lynch. Capricorn sun and Virgo moon just like you. Not so dark as much as he is provocative and highly visionary and creative. Not the typical Capricorn
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