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Re: Each Signís Drug of Choice

Pisces/Capricorn/Sag dominant chart.

Number one addiction of me is certain people and pets (most definetly Pisces)

Capricorn vices (uses stuff so they don't hurt people, drinking, smoking, sex, fighting etc. is addicted to letting things be wild and realising tension).

Neptune is perhaps what we get addicted to, Mars is why we get addicted.

Aquarius gets food addictions [not eating] and not for body image reasons. Leo likely gets anti food addictions don't eat because you won't be pretty.

I have Capy Mars and Neptune, when I smoke a ciggeret it has to be strong [I might smoke one once a month or every 2 weeks] alcohol best be potent, pills must be sleepy time or sex better be rough. Likely I'm doning something like this because I don't want to hurt someone and break down.
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