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Each Signís Drug of Choice

I was just thinking about how certain signs might be associated with/fond of certain kinds of drugs. Like, based on their traits, prone to different types of highs. Iím just writing this for fun. Not to be taken too seriously. Obviously addiction is another matter and more to do with Pisces, 12th House, and Neptune...

Anyways, these are what I thought would be the drug of choice for each sign:

Aries-unfiltered cigarettes (which they can stand at the entrance of stores and rebelliously smoke, daring passerbys to chastise them) and glue and paint thinner (theyíre too immature to be teenagers experimenting)
Taurus- top shelf liquor (gourmet) and Cuban cigars
Gemini-Ritalin/Adderall (so they can actually focus)
Cancer-mood stabilizers and anti-depressants (self explanatory)
Leo-cocaine (the high enchanted their sense of grandiosity, plus they can show off by using $100 bills to snort it)
Virgo-marijuana (itís ďnaturalĒ and helps them chill)
Libra-Xanax (for their anxiety)
Scorpio-ecstasy (for the sex!)
Sagittarius-peyote (for the sake of exploring something thatís part of another culture...assuming it isnít the culture they came from)
Capricorn-quaaludes and/or barbiturates (so they can relax and let their hair down enough to forget about their work and socialize)
Aquarius-LSD (they can trip out and see new dimensions)
Pisces-opium (so they can blissfully float around)
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