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Originally Posted by ZoraEos View Post
Yes, I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one that has been experiencing this! I have been feeling frustrated with people viewing me as naive or dumb sometimes! Until the Saturn shows itself.
Also, I think the Neptune gives me very soft looking physical features - like my eyes are a very soft color and my features look kind of delicate - like mouth and eye shape. But then the Capricorn adds a kind of rigid bone structure - in terms of cheeks and jaw, and then my body has a Capricorn type of appearance - kind of rigid, muscular. And I think the Uranus makes very interesting hair - in my case, thick and unruly hair. :P
For all of you, has the placement impacted your physical appearance in any way too? Do we look similar? ^_^ As I know that Ascendent and first house impact appearance the most.
I know a certain Korean male celebritiy (he's unreal, so good looking!) He has strong Capricorn energy in his chart as he has 4/5 planets in Capricorn, and the ruler of all those placements is Saturn. His Saturn is in Pisces. So even though he has a defined face, almost really symmetrical, he still has a very soft appearance. In his photo shoots and live shows, he looks so dreamy and ethereal, but also so structured.

I'm a cap rising, but my soft round cheeks hides the bone structure on my face. Lately though, I've been losing some weight and I noticed that my cheekbones are starting to really appear, I'm starting to see the sharpness. It's been showing up in my recent pictures. Yet, Neptune and Moon in my 1st house still gives that soft childish look. I'm not sure how Uranus plays out here, but it must be my mannerisms. I do have quirks in the way I act sometimes. I also have thick and unruly hair!
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