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Re: 1ST HOUSE..Neptune and Uranus.. Too Different or Too Adaptable?

I'm excited about this thread. I've been seeing so many Cap risings with 1st house Neptune and Uranus. And some with the same t-squares as mine, it's so cooool!

What's even cooler is that you guys have the same North Node house placement as mine!

I'm a triple scorpio with Cap rising. 1st house Neptune, Uranus and Moon. I also have a t-square connecting Saturn, Venus&Sun, Uranus&Neptune. Haha... I know how you feel about that anxiety thing. Square between Neptune and Saturn is my tightest aspect as far as I know in my chart, so I obviously have a lot of Neptunian issues to work on. It works on both sides for me-- It's either I feel akward around people or they feel awkward around me. Because of Cap rising, my stoic face gives the impression of me being snobby and unfriendly. Sometimes I feel like people like to mock because at times I seem naive and quirky.

So I like to say you're a mix of 3 different traits- the weirdness, the dreamy/foggy quality, and the unapproachable vibe. It's quite interesting.

I have another thread here about me complaining about the fact that people find it hard to get to know me or really "see" me. I think this is also the 1st house planets doing this too. I have go by many nicknames and personas assumed by different people, and it sometimes hurts me because they're never the real "me".

Oh and my NN 8th house is in Leo.
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