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Re: 1ST HOUSE..Neptune and Uranus.. Too Different or Too Adaptable?

Originally Posted by kiwibaby08 View Post
I do feel that the first house placement gives me some form of anxiety, especially the cap rising.. I feel like I seem unapproachable and people feel awkward around me. Not sure if Neptune or Uranus have to do with it as well. But I definitely feel you on the 2nd house with your Saturn. Throat problems metaphorically while I have my Saturn in Taurus although maybe this gives me a more literal aspect. My throat is usually sore and I get a lot of throat infections :/ really *****
Yes, that feeling that people feel awkward around you! I also experience that, and it's pretty frustrating. I also think that people often perceive me as fragile or vulnerable because of the Neptune, like they'll even avoid talking about inappropriate things around me and things like that. Just being treated a very serious way all of the time.
Yes, I heard that the 2nd house affects communication because it's ruled by Taurus who rules the throat.
Ouch, so many throat infections! Those must get so annoying!
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