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Originally Posted by kiwibaby08 View Post
I'm so glad to have found people with similar placements as me. I`ve been looking for other people to learn from for such a long time. This is a perfect opportunity. Im also super stoked to hear anything you or Appleo have to share on this thread. With that being said I have to ask.. Do either of you guys ever feel as if you psyche yourself out.. I feel as though this first house placement gives me a bit of social anxiety.
Yes, I have struggled with social anxiety a lot throughout my life, especially during middle school and high school - Even posting on a forum, or greeting someone in the school hallway, used to give me anxiety. I have overcome a lot, but am still quite self-conscious. I psych myself out daily, lol. :P. I am not sure if it's due to this placement, I always thought that it could be my Saturn in 2nd house (2nd house representing the throat) and Venus in Virgo combo., but I see how this placement also can contribute to the mix. I think this placement could make one seem unapproachable or an outsider - Have you all had that experience?
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