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Re: 1ST HOUSE..Neptune and Uranus.. Too Different or Too Adaptable?

Originally Posted by ZoraEos View Post
Wow, I also have this same placement - 1st House Uranus, 1st House Neptune, and Capricorn Rising! I uploaded my chart to show it for comparison. Let's form a club, guys! ^_^

Yes, I think it has the effect that AppLeo described - a kind of dreaminess, aloofiness, combined with an aura of wisdom and responsibility. Something like that. And also a psychic sponge quality, picking up peoples' feelings very strongly. And strong humanitarian leanings and ideas, and maybe slight eccentricity, with Uranus. Hard work and sense of climbing, with Capricorn. I love our placement. <3

OP, you are also a Taurus moon like me too! And we both have 8th North Node
One other thing.What sign do you have in North node? I would like to read up on it
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