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Re: The 12th house paradox?

Traditionally the 12th house was the "house of the bad spirit," the astro-dumpster of all kinds of rotten stuff. Partly this was because the good or bad nature of a house was related to its major aspect with the first house, meaning that a house stood in a sextile, square, trine, or opposition to the first house. The 3 that got left out were the "inconjunct" houses: the 12th, the 8th, and the 6th. These all got a bad rap: the 8th as the house of death; the 6th as the house of illnesses.

Note that astrology consists of a lot more than just natal astrology and its derivatives. A lot of meanings of the 12th house today relate to its use in horary astrology, where the 12th wasn't always negative. It might mean anything from large animals to hospitals.

Modern astrology came along, and noted that some influential spiritual leaders had a strong 12th house. From that came the interpretation that the 12th was the house of spirituality. I think this also relates to the Hindu idea that one can find release by letting go and facing 12th house difficulties with equanimity.

Today I view the natal 12th house as the one where altruism best plays out. In this house of "self-undoing" it can be difficult to maintain a firm sense of identity. So it works best to identify with a cause or group bigger than oneself, and to work toward their betterment.

I don't like to conflate planets, signs, and houses, because I think they have different meanings and functions.
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