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The 12th house paradox?

For all I've been looking into it, I find it very difficult to truly grasp the meaning of the 12th house. Other praise it as the house of the person's true sensitive nature and soul, whereas others consider it to be a very sophisticated hellhole, full of the person's obsessions and secrets. I myself have a very strong 12th house (Mars/Venus conjunction in Sagittarius in the 12th, to mention one of the things that are going on in there), but have failed to understand its impact on my life. I do realise it causes quite some emotional stirring occassionally, but I can't eventually tell whether its influence is positive or negative, considering that I've embraced every aspect of my personality and would have no problem putting up with myself even if I was a 'worse' person than what I am currently.

At the same time, the correlation of the 12th house with Pisces-Neptune puzzles me. We know Pisces and Neptune generally are considered to be elements that provide one with an artistic flare, intuition, empathy, and all things spiritual. When we meet a person with a predominant Pisces personality, we usually think that they're gentle, empathic, sensitive to the energies of their surroundings, even religious maybe, and at their worst, a little quiet and passive. The fact that they're being ruled by the 12th house, the 'nightmare' of the entire chart, never comes to mind. Most proficient artists often have a strong Neptune as well, and make beautiful music, paintings, sculptures etc with lots of depth to them... You wouldn't imagine that this beauty is related to the dark, murky place the 12th house is.

Considering these questions, it was easy at some point for me to dismiss the negative 12th house allegations, and try to see its positive side, the one that imbues natives with great talent and appreciation of the world around them. However, over time, my own 12th house nature did seem to bring about certain difficulties and mishaps that I could not similarly dismiss.

If your perception of the 12th house is more 'solid' than mine, I'd love to hear your opinion.

Thanks in advance for your replies.
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