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Re: Mars is Finally In Scorpio: An exciting and intense time for earth

Originally Posted by HoldOrFold View Post
Reverend Howard Storm is a Christian who had a near death experience in the 1980's at the age of 38. He was a powerful man in his personal and professional life and was able to manipulate people to his will. He has 5 planets in Scorpio including Mars.

He died during a stomach operation and he recounts his decent into hell where he was brutally tortured in unimaginable ways due to his state of mind and personal character. He then gets saved and becomes Christian like a phoenix rising from the ashes. His NDE is worth a read regardless of your belief in religion (that's unimportant the more NDEs your read).

His experience is very Scorpionic and highlights the need for Scorpio (and I believe Mars in Scorpio in particular) to be aligned with positive virtues and to use power for good.

I had a dream a couple of months ago where I was shown my astrological chart with Mars in Scorpio and Sun in the 8th/9th house highlighted and a voice said said "There is no limit to power if you have strong morals." And I was shown how morals and power are in direct relationship (at least for my chart configuration).

In my 20's I had to deal with my own hell because of my practice of the occult with little morals or conscience. In the end I had to sacrifice my ego and mind to a higher power to save my sanity because power in the ego's hands becomes sabotaging and self-destructive. I was on the dark path before and now I consider myself a type of Christian, probably Gnostic Christian but I don't really conform to any dogma. I just have a spiritual relationship with God, Christ and the Angels.

Harnessing the primal power in a way aligned with the light is a battle in itself and you have to work with your shadow self a lot. Still something I'm working on. If you deny it or ignore it then it will form a life of it's own and you end up like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde.

I so agree with you! I often go to YouTube and watch and listen to others NDE experiences and they are very humbling accounts indeed! It's true that ones religion,social standing, color or creed really don't have nothing to do with who we are inside. It is striking how so many from all walks of life have similar experiences over and over again. And indeed they are life-changing as in the Phoenix rising from it's ashes!

Wonder what's in store when our Scorpio Mars transits my natal Scorpio Asc.? I'm looking forward to it......

Great thread!

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