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Re: Lesbian aspects

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In oldtime (ie Islamic transitional era) literature, Venus and its conditions, situations and configurations, was given as prime significator for lesbianism (that term exactly used in this connection by Abu Mashar, around 850 AD) Also mentioned in this connection by Thabit ibn Qurra (around that same period of time) When we add Uranus (from Modern astrology) to this, I think we have found the 2 primary generic significators for this state (state of being re to sexuality)...
One example of the above significators, currently available here on AW is the chart posted in the "Transgender" thread by member Mosnar199420: in that chart we find:

-Uranus (in the 8th whole sign house) squared by Venus (in detriment in Aries, in the 11th whole sign house)

-Moon flows toward Uranus (and is in exact trine with Neptune) applying to a trine with Uranus, at the same time seperating from a quincuncx with Venus: so, here is a Moon to Uranus/Venus connection (in this case the waxing Moon being posited in the sign of the Virgin) in addition to the Venus/Uranus connection.
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