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Originally Posted by jac View Post
WOW. This explains a lot.

You said: A powerful person wouldn't have to refuse to be dominated.

You said: People who “refuse to be dominated” actually tend to be quite easy to overpower because that itself is a sign of a certain weakness.

You said: You don't like this because you're an Aquarius.

Your signature: 'Junkies and hookers and masochists and those who have squandered everything... '| Celine, provocateur, celestial reaper ???

I don't think anyone has to "read into" anything here.

You don't know me.
You couldn't know me.
That's fine.

I'm not wasting anymore of my valuable time on you.
You were reading into things. At no point were you ever able to read what I was actually writing and therefor were misunderstanding every single thing I wrote. And you’re right, it explains everything

Anyway, I was actually coming here just to say I didn’t want to participate in the conversation anymore, so I’m glad we’re on the same page there lmao

I also love how you said I "couldn't know" you. That one put the cherry on top

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