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Re: The 2 strongest, most powerful signs, and their decans

Originally Posted by Lykanized View Post
if I ever seemed to write that, I didn't actually write it
WOW. This explains a lot.

You said: A powerful person wouldn't have to refuse to be dominated.

You said: People who “refuse to be dominated” actually tend to be quite easy to overpower because that itself is a sign of a certain weakness.

You said: You don't like this because you're an Aquarius.

Your signature: 'Junkies and hookers and masochists and those who have squandered everything... '| Celine, provocateur, celestial reaper ???

I don't think anyone has to "read into" anything here.

You don't know me.
You couldn't know me.
That's fine.

I'm not wasting anymore of my valuable time on you.
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