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Re: The 2 strongest, most powerful signs, and their decans

I do want to reiterate tho I'm not at all tagging that trait onto any particular type. And since there are different kinds of power, this will vary by type and overall chart and then even more by particular person

I'm also not saying it's a bad thing. The effects of being overpowered might actually force someone to discover their own power. But power itself isn't limited to any one type or even two types, especially since it does have so many modes of expression and so many areas into which it can extend itself

But the refusal to be dominated alone as its own entity implies that the person is experiencing a threat to their own power which someone who is powerful in that particular area wouldn't experience. A powerful person wouldn't have to refuse to be dominated. That's what I'm saying. The actual state of power doesn't require that emphasis as that emphasis stems from the stress being placed on someone who is feeling overpowered or like they might be

I can even call my own self out for this

When I say that the refusal is a weakness, I'm saying that when someone makes it clear that they feel a threat to their own power and voice it with that refusal, they're making it very clear what it is they stand to lose and thus what can be targeted. So it can be a weakness as well as an expression of one's feelings of weakness

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