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Re: Illness in the natal chart?

Originally Posted by Sagittarius Jupiter View Post
Virgo is bad for the health all-around

Then Mercury in Pisces is not exalted

Midheaven in Gemini, your Hands can be affected.

Jupiter in Sagittarius, your Stomach can be affected.
Hey Sag! I don't think Virgo's bad for health--that's a generalization. Mercury is in detriment and fall. Isn't Jupiter in Sag ruled by the thighs and knees?

Originally Posted by wan View Post
I know you are looking for astrologically based answers but:

Have you considered the possibility of heavy metal poisoning? The symptoms you described seem to fit. Have you got a blood work done? Do people in your household eat the same food as you? Are they healthy?
Hey wan. I haven't. I've gotten blood work done, and no problems there. Yeah, they do, but I don't eat beef. For the most part they're healthy.

Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
Yet would you consider any views from the Modern astrology perspective of value, or sweep them under the carpet as irrelevant because they don't fit with one's personal ideas of what astro. symbolism can convey and how it works.
Of course! I think modern astrology can tell you things about your personality. I lean to trad for prediction. I'm all ears.

The combined transit Uranus conjunct sec. progr. Sun activated the natal Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn. Although this is considered a generational natal aspect, the Sun's activation can make it personal of nature. Sudden and unexpected 'affair of the (broken) heart' incident(s) that saw separation, breakups, and/or clashes?
I was 22 and looking to move, yeah. Thanks for looking into that. That's interesting, I haven't heard of transits to progressed planets. I experienced heartache in 2016, not in 2017.

In Pisces this physical realisation through proof can come up again the power of inner fantasy, whereby an individual can be deceived by its own 'misinterpretation' of events.
I'm the one who's misunderstood.

If Saturn also rules 5th house,
Saturn would rule the 5th.

Physical ailments do not arise overnight. They have an inner incubation period (Mars) that can take days to years to become outwardly apparent as a symptom of physical disorder. So what events happened before, through which a dis-order in life manifested as a physical symptom?
I've dealt with a lot. Hm, in my teens I got depressed to the point I didn't feel anything. I remember walking outside in the winter in a light top and not feeling cold.

Can a Jupiter square Saturn (bi-polar?, depression) in Water be of such influence and effect that it extinguishes that internal flame?
Nah, in trad, Jupiter receives Saturn so while the square is tough, it's doable.

Many might say that Mars in Leo in 12th to Moon refers to difficulty in becoming self assertive; the other (Moon) authority (Saturn) is always stronger. Their word (Mercury in 7th?) is law (Saturn) ? To become more active and independent, utilising and directing Mars' energy is so important. Some kind of sport and/or structurised teaching in the defence arts could be very helpful. You may find that you come to your senses again, and all works as it should.
I don't pick fights. A lot of things really don't matter, but you're right, I shouldn't be meek. I was thinking of boxing? Thanks.

[ My son-in-law and his mother both suffer(ed) from migraines. Difficult Venus = sweetness . or its surrogate . S-I-L can't eat chocolate!]
Sorry to hear. Thank you for everything.
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