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Re: Illness in the natal chart?

Originally Posted by Iced8Ace View Post
I've been dealing with an undiagnosed illness for nearly 2 years. It was in summer of 2017 that I started experiencing a severe headache, troubles with speech, and confusion. In a few months, it progressively got worse, with my headaches becoming the worst I'd ever experienced, on top of severe mental and physical fatigue, being unable to eat and get out of bed. I was unable to speak so I couldn't explain myself. I also have a history of depression and anxiety.

Hello Iced8Ace,

for illness and any other matters houses, rulers and housesystem used for a chart are important - especially during transits activating relevant planets involved.

The chart you got in here was done with a houses system called "webstyle Acabitus" - a not very common house system, showing different rulers of houses - what would cause perhaps not usefull replies for you. Especially what concerns physical body house 2nd and its ruler and 3rd house, as well as genetic inheritance and psychological issues house 8th- who are different with placidus house system and would be different and of different information (but more matching to me from all what you told here).

Could you perhaps get a chart with common placidus houses here in ?

With placidus your 2nd house is under ruler mercury, 3rd- house - muscoscelton system and mental mind under venus. 8th house, genetic inheritance, psyche and subconsciously stored memory from issues are ruled by neptune.

In 2017 when it started as you wrote, transing uranus as your healthhouse ruler started his transit on your mercury as your ruler of AC and immune-system, who is exact opposed by your virgo chiron in 1st house, your personal injury but also your self-healing potential (virgo is physically also intestine-immunesystem what is sensitive with chiron in here). And same time also transited your neptune as ruler of your 8th house, genetic inheritance and illness predisposition.

And went afterwards further on -transiting your venus, pluto and uranus - being all on sensitive spiritual degree of zero - like "sleepers" who can be activated and revived if right (transit) time had come for a certain reason. Venus is main ruler of your 10th house (with placidus) and is in semisextile with your uranus as ruler of health and also of workhouse.

Mercury is your ruler of AC but also 2nd ruler of your 10th house- a second skill and talent for your lifepath.

Neptune is also ruler of your relationship 7th house and longlasting relationships 8th house. Were you in a (difficult) relationship that time, when all started ?

Feeling unable to do something and feel like paralyzed sounds typical like neptune- and repressed subconscious memory coming up in transit time for a healing- as neptune in your chart has pluto/neptune correspondence due to 8th house connection.


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