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Re: Should I stay in the same company?

Originally Posted by virgo18 View Post
But we have mutual reception. We get along with each other very well. If something bad happens with them it doesn't has to affect me directly since Venus is the one approaching the SN and Pluto. So they may be the ones being in a problem.
They will be the ones having some sort of problem that will affect me indirectly (I say this because the moon is in the sign of Venus)

My only direct issue is the Mars detriment and the moon squaring Saturn(10th ruler) which I think is the humdrum and lack of support Im already feeling at work.
Dear virgo I think you worry too much....your moon in via-combusta is indicative of that. Besides, L10 and L7 exalt mars.

All working environments have their ups and downs (as the forthcoming squares in this chart, meaning that some hurdles perhaps will arise) and since you find your current workplace as confortable, I don't see a special reason for you speculating the worst senario Crying wolf damages the credibility of the precautionary principle.

So keep your eyes/ears open, be responsible and flexible and I'm sure your efforts will be rewarded. Either way, you can always send your CV to other companies and be open if a good job opportunity arises
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