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Re: Should I stay in the same company?

Originally Posted by rafaella View Post
Do you have good co-workers and employer? Moon also will square Venus, and Mars is disposited by Venus. Moon also in sign of Venus. Venus is conjuct pluto and approaching SN.

Sun, Uranus and Moon are in the 10 house of my April Lunar return. So maybe it will be when things get clearer.

In the case of Co workers they are good as persons but they dont support me very well. They have other priorities.
The truth is that I dont have much work to do and when I make a proposal of a project they dont give it importance. I feel impotent.
Btw it is a confortable workplace. I have a very flexible schedule.

Im intrigued. My leader/boss is a nice person as far as I can perceive. The co-workers of my team I consider them as "friends from work"... but there are other co-workers from other areas with which I do not get along. It's a relatively big company.

Will something bad is going on? What about Venus conjunct SN and Pluto? Evidently that's not good. I also thought that co-workers were represented by the 11th house "colleagues", not the 7th who are "rivals".

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