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Re: Should I stay in the same company?

Originally Posted by virgo18 View Post
Thank you friend

Let mee see if I undestood. It is the same if I stay or of I go?

L7 (venus) stronger than L1/mars: go.
Moon aspects saturn and venus : go (here i regard saturn as benefic since he's in his domicile )

but look!!!!moon in this chart has just entered via combusta.. Meaning 'the burned-up road' this is the area of the zodiac between 15 Libra and 15 Scorpio. It affects only the Moon, which does not like being there at all.Being here does not make the Moon any weaker, but does distress it. This is primarily of significance in questions where the querent's emotions are important: the Moon's passage through the via combusta shows a period of unpleasant emotional turbulence.note also the Moon's position relative to the via combusta: has just things will be difficult...So...Will you be happy if you leave?' with the Moon at 15 Libra, on the point of entering this area of unpleasant emotional turmoil: 'No'

In any case I would say... keep your current job for the time being until you find a BETTER...job as you would like! l10(your career in general) is strong and exalts you... but i think that having your moon in via combusta and the aforementioned forthcoming squares, there are a few hurdles yet to be overcome. Maybe there was an incident with this recently debilitated L6/sun (your boss, since in such charts sun is an authority figure...) which has distressed you and disappointed you and made you feel that you have no future in your current Job....or you may just see your boss as a week person, who has no ambitions, or he seems powerless to help you get further.Moon from libra also exalts saturn /l10 and dislikes this sun...not to mention that you L1/mars by entering taurous, where you are in your detriment, have recently lost your domicile in mars, from where you also exalted sun Your sallary/l11 saturn is strong, but now it seems that perhaps you want an increase l2(venus, your pocket...assets...etc), and this venus depends on saturn/l10...there is also this pluto next to venus...metaphorically speaking...transformation is on the gate.

Perhaps if you have already an offer from another job, or you are thinking something specific you could ask

ps!via combusta.. Tradition states that if the Ascendant or Moon falls between these two points, it is not safe to give judgement, and some authorities hold that any significator falling within this degree area is ineffective. The only exception is the degree .of the benefic fixed star, Spica, at 23 Libra;

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