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Re: Should I stay in this company?

hello Virgo 18

I'll give it a try...although I am not an don't count too much on my analysis ...unless to say... respond
So you are Mars l1 in venus domicile l7 in Capricorn and your co-ruler is also moon in Libra via combusta/ period of unpleasant emotional turbulence !!!!again in venus domicile.

If your current job is something to pay your bills then i must take l6 (sun)...if is career related then I must look L10.(...Your career in general) .

So in first case i see that mars, which recently entered in Taurus separating from the sun after the sextile with him (2 something). Obviously, you want that change...venus (l2 also your pocket)... badly

moon will square saturn first in 2 something and then venus in 6 in that case i would say why not? it seems you''ll be better in l10 where you are exalted...square means that "some effort" is required in order to achieve your goals

if saturn L10 however is your current job I don't see a reason for you to leave...but according to what you already said ..i think that l6 is your current job and that sun debilitated in aquarious least...wasn't at his best...he just entered in pisces where he's trying to gain some power and reestablish l1 and l6 passed also this perhaps something happened out of the blue

Such questions are about change, so the prospective change is often shown in the chart by an imminent change of sign. Lord I and/or the Moon will be at the end of a sign, about to enter a new one. Weigh the number and strength of the various testimonies. In many such charts staying and going are equally good, equally bad: if that is what the chart shows, that is the judgment. The answer is often, 'It doesn't make much difference'.

is often as much an emotional as a rational it is more important to drop the Moon into the 10th, sending the querent's emotions to work

Moreover i hope these might help a bit

the Ist house and Lord 1 show things as they are; the 7th house and
Lord 7 show things as they will become if the change is made. So:
* 7th house better than Ist: go. If not, stay.
* Lord 7 stronger than Lord I: go. If not, stay.
* Moon or Lord 1 separating (by any aspect) from a benefic and going to a
malefic: stay.
* Moon or Lord I separating from a malefic and going to a benefic: go....etc

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