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Re: Pallas and transgender people

Originally Posted by graay ghost View Post
I know this is kind of a touchy subject for some people and itís been a while since Iíve done this but my life has gotten very strange.

I am beginning to seriously consider that I am transgender. I was trying to do some research and beyond the assertion by some that one cannot see gender or sexuality in oneís chart, Iíve laso heard the asteroid Pallas come up in LGBTQ people, particularly transgender people. I decided to check about it in my chart and it forms a yod in close orb with my asc/mars and sun (asc at 21 02í Taurus, mars at 20 37í Taurus, sun at 21 05í Cancer, Pallas at 21 41í Sagittarius).

If anyone has any information or experience with Pallas, that would be helpful. Thanks.
Maybe post charts of Christine Jorgensen, Chaz Bono and Bruce Jenner and see how Pallas looks in their charts. Chelsey Manning, or an actual chart of someone who we have seen evolve through public strife.

I was 12 or so when Chastity was born and when I saw here on Sonny and Cher with Blonde hair, I had to wonder - how do brown eyed dark haired parents have blonde children - and then as I got more into life - I realized she was actually Greg Allmans daughter - like her brother Elijah and with her mom's eyes. Where is Chaz pallas? She was first of real 'celebrities' to 'wonder' 'discover' 'create' her personal self. I don't know how and who Chaz Bono is today, but I always knew that s/he had something different going on than what meets the eye. Does Pallas have parents in oblivion in chart relations? I ask because Cher seemed shocked and dismayed at how her girl wanted turned into a boy and then said - 'well, I guess I wasn't paying attention". Chaz is magnificent in courage. That's where I will leave it.
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