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Re: Orbs and Stuff

Hi, with regards to orbs, I recently took a closer look at my natal chart, and I'm trying to figure out if I have an out of sign square between my Venus and Saturn.

I never knew I may have had this aspect till I did my chart of
I know, they use very wide orbs by default- 10 degrees.
So because of this, I saw I suddenly had a square between my Venus and Saturn.
Don't know what to think of this...I know many would not consider this to really be a square, and I also tend to think the same. However, when I read certain factors about what does or may not constitute an aspect, now I wonder.

For example, I wonder if because my Venus is angular- in the 10th house, and I also have Saturn in the 7th, if this gives more weight for me to have a square aspect of not (?) And I'm not sure if this aspect is close or separating, which would be relevant in figuring out if its an aspect or not.

any opinions? My chart is here below, thanks.

[IMG]file:///C:\Users\Norkiyo\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\0 1\clip_image002.jpg[/IMG]
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