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Re: career/finances in chart

Originally Posted by tacobelle00 View Post

i'm just wondering if anyone can take a look at my natal chart
and give me an idea of what kind of career i should pursue
-having a hard time deciding-
and if it will help me become financially secure.

tacobelle00, there's a great thread discussion for you to refer to for guidance
and to improve understanding
Originally Posted by poyi View Post

The 2nd house is the first house that most people aware of it importance
in term of possessions and attitude toward money etc in a lower level.
In higher level, 2nd hous also represents our personal values such as self-esteem etc.

The sign,
ruler of the 2nd house' cusp,
the ruler's location in the chart, f
or and against aspects from other planets are some basic cues.

2nd house represents how a native spends and save money and what kind of things this individual treasure the most. For example, ruler of the 2nd house in 2nd house, the native has stronger than usual urge to acquire security in both material or/ and spiritual.

In positive way, ruler in his own house has the greatest power, in 2nd house will motivate this native to learn the skill to earn stable income and even motivate other people to do the same.

In a negative way, this native can become overindulgent, desire for possessions, luxury, money and a life of ease can also blind this person and therefore as an obstacle this person may have difficulty to reach spiritual enlightenment.

However, what sorts of things this native really treasures about will depending on the planet/s in the house and sign as well as the aspects with other planets and the native's overall personality. After all, 2nd house is only 1/12 part of a person. We should also remeber current attitude and trends are also depending on the planteary period at the time.
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