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Re: career/finances in chart

Originally Posted by tacobelle00 View Post
i would say i am a big spender, i like to treat myself and others to shopping trips often lol
right now i'm in college looking towards a career in the medical field but i'm not positive that it's exactly what i want to pursue.
the real problem i have is that i am indecisive as to what career to pursue- too many things i'd like to do.
what would having the ruler of the 2nd and 10th in the same planet signify?
Not much really, just the fact that both houses are tied by the same planet, so by direction/returns/etc both will go hand in hand. As in....if at one stage in your life your career is on crisis, so will your money.

Of course this is sort of obvious, because money is always tied to ones job, but more like...even if you pursue secondary sources of income (as investments with your savings), won't have much influence on you.

The birth chart is a bit complicated to understand, you yourself knows who you are, the rest of us can only make interpretations.

But what I see, and find problematic is the jupiter in its detriment, and the mercury too inside that house.

But the purpose of understanding your birth chat, is so you can take control of yourself.

My advice, start wasting less money and saving more.

Regarding what career to follow, mercury itself (the planet that signifies the mind), placed inside that house might be the reason of your multiple interests, yet in its detriment, makes you undecided.

I suppose you are sort of a jack of all the trades, yet master of none. You like everything, but can't really find yourself to specialize on something.

Yet I do agree medicine is a good career for you, because of 2 reasons:

- Mars in regency in its own house, ruling the 9th, clearly makes you a person with the mind for a higher learning education.

- The sun, the natural planet that represents the will, inside the 9th and in scorpio. Sun in scorpio usually provides an intuitive mind, sort of that sherlock homes type of mind where you enjoy discovering things.

So medicine is probably a good choice.
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