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Re: career/finances in chart

Originally Posted by tacobelle00 View Post
i'm just wondering if anyone can take a look at my natal chart and give me an idea of what kind of career i should pursue -having a hard time deciding- and if it will help me become financially secure.
Interesting chart the ruler of 2nd and 10th is the same planet.

Jupiter is in the 7th house, which is good, but finds itself in its detriment.

Hmmm....if I may ask....are you a big spender? the kind of person that sort of wastes money around?

Another problem is that mercury placed inside the 10th, again in its detriment, complicating things even more.

I suppose you sort of have problems money/career wise....can't keep a job, or can't save money'

What I find interesting is the 9th house's ruler, inside the 9 th house, in its own regency.

Could possibly mean aptitude for higher learning education, or career in spirituality (as in minister, pastor, etc).

What can you tell us?
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