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Re: A Persuit To Unify Astrology And Science - A New Community On Reddit

Originally Posted by Damian View Post
It might seem nonsense to most astrologers and scientists right now but remember even Einstein refused to acknowledge quantum mechanics; and quantum mechanics is the main reason why we have computers and all this technology, if it was not correct it would be impossible to reach the age of information and nanotechnology like we did.
When we cannot explain something we tend to assign words like "spiritual", "godsend", "miraculous" or even "random" however these concepts are just byproducts of our lack of understanding. If someone from 200 years ago took a glimpse at the way we live and the technology we have they would be classifying it as "godlike powers" or "magic" or something similar. There are so many things that we haven't discovered yet, that if the "spiritual plane" is an actually measurable field that will be accessible once we learn more about elementary particles, the higgs field and the dark energy/matter?
Please do not dismiss the possibility that astrology can become a scientific field in the future.
Even Schrodinger said he regretted spawning quantum mechanics.

Good read: https://claesjohnsonmathscience.word...fu3xg7d7wt-38/

For example if you acknowledge that a “round square” does not exist, then you donīt have to worry about what it would look like if you could fabricate one. But if you believe that a “round square” exists, then you face a severe problem if you seek to understand its physics.
Reminds me of the idea of dark matter, too.

Here are some articles on the biological detection of magnetic fields:

Magnetite in salmon/fish tissue:
Magnetite in humans:
Ferromagnetic crystals in the brain:
ELF magnetic field effect on ruminants (deer/cattle):

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