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Re: The Scorpio Rising Personality

You have an early degree Moon in Gemini, could easily be in Taurus and often birth time is actually slightly earlier. In Taurus your Moon would be in it exaltation. Venus and Saturn are in mutual reception by sign, but in Square and Saturn retrograde in his exaltation is something I don't know how to interpret actually which is in your 8th house also tight conjunction with Mars in his detriment also in Retrograde. Perhaps that influences your Venus in Capricorn at ascendant a bit different to the normal Venus in Capricorn.

The skin color would be better represented as without summer light influence for your ethic group which you said Porcelain is very accurate. Also in your night chart Moon is more prominent and rules all earth signs including Venus and your ascendant in Capricorn.

I often found western people have changing eye and hair colors really strange as being an Asian that never occur in our genetic make up. Myself with 5th Moon in Capricorn trine 1st Venus in Libra, Moon rules 11th, I have a lot of friends that are much older than me, parents to grandparents ages than any other age group.
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