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Re: Why am I feeling so intense and volatile?

Originally Posted by PlutonianPrincess View Post
I'd definitely say bodybuilding is a very good thing for you. A word of caution: No Testosterone. Or steroids. Never. Ever. If you're not already taking the to masculinize yourself, please stop, or never ever start. This mix of aggressive hormones will cause an explosion waiting to happen with your aggression. It will totally mess up your head and all the control you have now, you will no longer possess.

Sex can be a good outlet, but just as sex can be very controlling and masochistic it should always be balanced with gentleness and love. Or you are cheating yourself out of the best parts of it.

I also want to say that the energies in our charts do not control us. It is our responsibility to understand these energies and to be productive and useful and use them for good. They can never be used as an excuse, for we always have free will to choose our actions. I have a plethora of Pluto, I feel everything very deeply, and I have had to learn not get so angry when someone upset me, purposefully, or not. Maybe you're overcompensating a little because parts of you do desire to be loved tenderly and with grace and share a healthy, intimate relationship. But your anger probably has become your crux and you may use it to keep people away or use them for your outlet... And that may be fine. But it's not for you, because you're using your energy and anger and take it out on others.

Just be aware of your deepest feelings. The things you think of before you fall asleep. Those are the things you care about.
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