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Re: Why am I feeling so intense and volatile?

Originally Posted by dude123 View Post
I hope I don't ever become a serial killer. Actually I don't think I ever will (I have more control than that), but I'm just afraid I'll go crazy one day if the next person pisses me off...
Well, I'm not being sarcastic, but read what you wrote and ask yourself objectively if you think that's ever an "OK" response to anger. Of course it's not.

However, I share a few of your aspects, so I'm going to try and help. But firstly, it's more important for me to say that if you really think you might endanger someone else, then that needs to be attended to immediately.

A major aspect you have for aggression is your Mars Rising, Conjunct your ASC. You are correct when you say you're a naturally aggressive person. That aspect alone denotes that. Please look up that aspect and you'll see-- This is something you must learn how to deal with and find a very positive outlet for your energy, or it may go very badly. I'm talking MMA or some type of intense physical training, even the military. This energy needs an outlet, always, or it will build up and will control you, so you must control it by giving it something constructive to do, always. (I have Mars Conjunct my DC)

You have Moon in Aries (as do I) in the 7th. Have you ever been physically aggressive with a partner or Mother? Or thought about it? I'm thinking you have. I'm definitely not saying you're a bad person, because you're not, but it's going to take a lot of work for you to be able to overcome your emotions in intimate relationships, especially. You just feel things very intensely and I understand that.

Emotions are super hard to control, because most of the time, we have no way to control the way in which we react to things and that what makes it hard. The good thing about an Aries moon is that it usually gets over things about as quickly as it get mad. So, always try and keep that in mind when you get really mad. Remember that "This too shall pass" you don't want to be a prisoner of your feelings and anger, but be the master of that anger, and you can be. You have the tenacity and heart to turn it around and to make yourself better. I understand that the energy that your dealing with is super fiery, but try and channel that fire into something productive, and that should automatically quell the beast and you some peace.

All the best to you.
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