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Re: equivalent of Scorpio to Chinese Zodiac

Hi again planet9!

There is no "Dog and Pig month" in the Chinese solar calendar. I have tried to explain this to you for quite awhile now. I won't try further, since you will just continue to cite websites which propagate this falsehood.
Even if there wouldn't be them which I don't think than the assignment is not a bit odd as the solar and lunar month often overlap.
The solar terms give the lunar calendar structure and chinese astrology is obviously easier and clearer using the solar calendar for the month pillar.

Originally Posted by planet9 View Post
Of course, anyone can invent some system of 'astrology', using a mix of concepts derived from the Chinese solar and lunar calendars and from Western astrology, and then call it 'Chinese astrology'. Or they can run across someone else's invention (found on some website) and accept the implicit claim that this is 'Chinese astrology'.
Who is anyone in that case? Anyone = various sites and books.
Why can't chinese astrology assign the solar terms to the 12 signs?
What's so odd about that?
It's logical that the solar year and it's 12 segments will play an important role in each Astrology.
If chinese astrology would be only based on the lunar cycle than it would not necessarily have 12 animal signs because there are sometimes 13 lunations in a years therefore there are leap months.
Even in the descriptions of the animal signs you can often read traits that belong to the equivalent western signs like Tiger,
which contains the second half of Aquarius and the first half of Pisces, owns traits of both zodiac signs
or the way around like Pisces owns traits that belong to Tiger and Rabbit.
There is an equivalent for everything in the universe.
That's the law of analogy.

So for me and many others this is not bogus like you said.It's natural.
I really respect and esteem your knowledge about calendars, software etc. but does that automatically mean that you're always correct about the entire chinese astrology?
Please,don't take it personal,but for me the text I posted from,
wikipedia (in this case) and the book of Pamela Leigh Powers sounded more genuine.

If you wish to believe that this sort of thing is genuine (not bogus) then of course you're free to do so, and here's wishing you an entertaining time.
The last thing sounds ironical.That's a pity.

Anyway, I'm wishing you all the best,
theM =)

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