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Re: equivalent of Scorpio to Chinese Zodiac

Originally Posted by theM View Post
Actually 210 - 240 degrees of the Solar year belong to the Dog (195-225) and Pig (225-255) month in the chinese (agricultural) solar calendar.
There is no "Dog and Pig month" in the Chinese solar calendar. I have tried to explain this to you for quite awhile now. I won't try further, since you will just continue to cite websites which propagate this falsehood.

Of course, anyone can invent some system of 'astrology', using a mix of concepts derived from the Chinese solar and lunar calendars and from Western astrology, and then call it 'Chinese astrology'. Or they can run across someone else's invention (found on some website) and accept the implicit claim that this is 'Chinese astrology'. If you wish to believe that this sort of thing is genuine (not bogus) then of course you're free to do so, and here's wishing you an entertaining time.
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