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Re: equivalent of Scorpio to Chinese Zodiac

Hi planet9!

See The 60-day and 60-month Cycles for an explanation of the element-animal associated with the month in the Chinese lunar calendar.
That's okay for a calendar but for horoscopes like the 4 pillars in this case it's imbalance
because the rule is that if a leap month occur the same month sign just recur.So it's not a very logical system for astrology.
I understand why mostly the solar calendar is used for Astrology.

The solar term designated J1 is 'lichun' which is translated as 'Start of Spring'. This is the time in the solar year at which the Sun reaches 315 ecliptic longitude. So?
When I wrote about
the Spring begin being 15 degrees of Aquarius= 315 degrees of the Solar year
and being the beginning of the Tiger month of the solar calendar you wrote about widespread errors and confusions.

Merriam-Webster defines 'bogus' as 'not genuine'.
From my view it sounded unfriendly because the whole time you write that things that are common are bogus, widespread misinformation, have no basis.

Actually 210 - 240 degrees of the Solar year belong to the Dog (195-225) and Pig (225-255) segments in the chinese (agricultural) solar calendar.
This section is called "Scorpio" in western astrology.
And that's the only thing I'm writing about the whole time.

There can be a mistake in the leap month-article of But that doesn't change facts.
As in almost every site you will somewhere find a mistake and that's not the point.
Maybe even in your site there's somewhere a little mistake like a single word wrongly spelled by chance.
Would that mean that the content of your whole site is wrong.
-No.So,that's it.
I mean no harm but I just want to make things clear.


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