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Re: Schizophrenia between the Sun, Moon, and Mars

My experience with clients has been that there is often a strong Water-Fire element at play, usually with both planets and signs involved. One of the most aggressive and delusional clients I ever worked with had a classic configuration: Mars in Pisces, an unaspected Sun in Aries, Moon in Gemini sq. Mars. In other words, the core purpose was frustrated (in the 2nd house of self-worth), the emotions desired play and social expression, but were constantly frustrated by a volatile, hyper-sensative Mars placement. The result was a repeated breakdown of their personality as they crashed into themselves, over and over again.

Mars is not a force of unity - its energy is an expulsive, explosive thing, which can be manipulated insofar as you can kind of point it in the right direction and hope it hits the right target. In hard aspect and poorly dignified... yeah. You can imagine the results.

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