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Re: METHODS for past lives/reincarnation

Originally Posted by Arian Maverick View Post
I had studied your natal chart for about an hour after I had read your first set of instruction and attempted to retrace your steps and remake the connections you'd made, but I became frustrated because I could not make the same intuitive leaps. I also was not 100% percent certain I had done the calculations correctly.

From what I can gather from this latest set of examples, you've moved the Sun and the Moon backwards through the zodiac (I prefer to think in terms of clockwise and counterclockwise, so "backwards" to me means clockwise) until they've reached the closest angle. For the Sun, the closest angle is the IC at 25 Scorpio 51. For the Moon, the closest angle is the Ascendant at 1 Virgo 10. This clockwise movement works in my own natal chart because I have the Sun and the Moon in the first house, but what if someone's key planet was located close to the Ascendant but on the twelfth house side? Would they simple continue "turning" the chart clockwise until they reached the Midheaven, or would they "turn" the chart counterclockwise because the planet was positioned more closely to the Ascendant? Would this depend upon the longitude in which the individual was born? For example, if they were born in west longitude, would they turn the chart clockwise, but if they were born in east longitude, they would turn the chart counterclockwise? Is this what you were trying to explain with this excerpt?

"Pan says - YES YES in general you got it right."

I will use my own unrectified natal chart as an example simply because it's less contested, to most people. It's a chart set for the time that appears on my birth certificate, although the chart differs significantly from my rectified chart. Perhaps I will attempt this method with the rectified chart, as well, and see how they differ.

I too was born at 74 west longitude, and as I mentioned earlier, my Sun and Moon are placed in angular houses like in your chart, so I can utilize the same clockwise motion to reach the closest angle.

Here are my stats:

Ascendant: 1 Aries 10
Sun: 15 Aries 36
Moon: 5 Aries 13
Midheaven: 0 Capricorn 37 (less important in my case, I believe)

The closest personal planet to an angle is the Moon; it is conjunct my Ascendant from the first house side. I'll move it clockwise to the Ascendant--a distance of approximately 4 degrees. In your example, you added this number--the distance of the planet from the angle--to the birth longitude. I was born at 74 degrees west longitude, so I add four degrees and result in 78 degrees west longitude.

The next closest personal planet to an angle is the Sun, which also is located in the first house. I'll move it clockwise to the Ascendant--a distance of 14 degrees 26", or about 14.5 degrees in the decimal system. In your example, you added this number--the distance of the planet from the angle--to the birth longitude. I was born at 74 degrees west longitude, so I add 14.5 degrees and result in 88.5 degrees west longitude.

I'm finding lots of websites where you can click a place on a map and find its exact latitude and longitude, but fewer where I can type in a longitude and identify all of the countries that run through that line of longitude. I've spent about forty minutes attempting to find images on Google of maps, but none of them zoom in closely enough. I click around randomly and hope to get close, but even so, none of the approximate longitudes appear to correspond with an area with which I know I have karmic ties. (There only are a few.) Perhaps I should try my rectified chart, even if some people question the method used to rectify.

Arian Maverick
You have used the method I employ. I would suggest you do the rectified
one. It may be that is why you didnt feel the hits of the unrectified.
if it is greatly different from the rectified, you have to research both.

using the 1 degree, you can reverse direction and so the 4 degree west difference would also go the other way to 4 degrees east which is 70 degree (Boston). Dont take the exact too much to heart, because 1 degree or so either way. Also, you will find the astro-cart lines will be somewhat different that the 1 degree per longitude calculation. There is also the fact that the astro-cart lines are usually at angles to the chart
and these 1 degree to longitude are straight north/south on the lines.

78 is Virginia. Moon rising. Asc 1 - Moon 5 Aries. The moon line is most often a place you have lived or could live. It's close enough to Washington. as wll as I immediate thought of the Civil War. Could be Gettysburg or places to the south or north as well. Toronto is on the line. Aries would surely point to being a soldier, rebel, or fighter, but also a technician
or mechanic is possible. The scorpio degree of 79 is suggestive, but 78 is libra. There are hints to angling the exact place to one side of the line or other. If you HAVE STRONG virgo, libra, or scorpio or sol sign 76 is a Virgo degree (phily possible) or washington dc is gemini virgo degree (*pan moon gemini/virgo rising has too many point connections /family links to count with DC/american origins, and feels sure he was there in long past time perhaps original settler, or more likely part of american gov independence (my uranus conjunct usa sun).

The other point mentioned is 88.5 Chicago and Wisconsin, down to Louisiana, possibly New Orleans at 90, or could be as far south as Mexico, South points or Canada north.

(I Use WIKIPEDIA longitude line images and an atlas book also)

if you turn direction, you can also find the ascendent reaches the moon at 70, or the sun reached ascendent (1 aries to 15 aries) at 88 could also be -14 or go east to 60 degree line. This is caribbean. All your aries does suggest a lot of adventures in the past lived. Pirate? Sailor? Merchant. Slave or trader also? You have to check yourself out to think which sounds most likely. Where are you talents, affinities, naturalness or archetype/family types?

You did not mention the sun to moon (5 aries to 15 aries)
the sun reaches the moon backwards (west 10 degrees - is 84 - ohio).
the moon reaches the sun ahead (east 10 degrees is 65 - puerto rico/caribbean)

the nature of the connection is important. sun and moon together is quite positive most likely (although you have some squares too I think)
you had prominence or leadership on the line (aries is cardinal sign).
This is more likely in past life than present life also. good karma earned can often be 'redeemed' when we visit or return there.

On intuition, trust it! let your feelings guide you. Let yourself accept some of the thoughts that may come, even if wild ones. They could be true. But we must not take them just on face value but as a good grain of salt, rather accept them as possible. we have to explore it this way.

I use a grid system in the united states you might look at - use EQUATOR OR GMT line (London), and go west or east, rising in sign, in sections, such as 0, 3, 5,10, 15 or 30 degree. I mostly use the 30 degree. It is 1 degree per sign and so fits with longitude system. If you have a cross line with an astro-cart point of planet or both at the same place, it is a connection. I use this especially for north south. it is 5 degree zones such as libra 30 to 35 north, scorpio is 35 to 40 north, sagittarius 40 to 45. There are also the 10 degree zones. and 15 also. It's complex, but going west, aries (5 zone) is 120 to 125 west coast usa for Aries is also ireland spain 0 to 5, (and 0 to 10 west from GMT).

It is good to keep with the biggest points, such as sun moon rising. Your case is interesting. (Yes, a versatile mind is needed, one that can also calculate in head. It's true, I am very good at it.)

I rectify with my sol progression methods and it works. But rectification is most challenging.
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