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Re: METHODS for past lives/reincarnation

Originally Posted by paneagle7 View Post
Arian - my messages in underline.
Hello. response from Arian? vacationing in Tuscany? or I'm not feelin' the love..... come on people. This is interesting.

I will add a past or present life place location method. Maybe one of you will try it out and report for us.

If you take your birth longitude and key degrees, the sun, asc, mc, moon.
Now go 1 degree longitude (go east ahead in sign, go west backwards) from that place using each of these until you reach to any planet or one of the keys.

my example: 74 west birth. 19 sag sun, 26 sco mc, 26 tau IC moon 5 gem rise example - The 19 sag sun goes backward to 26 scorpio, a difference of 23 degrees, which from 74 west is 97 west. This is where I strongly suspect I have a been a Sioux Indian and was confirmed by a group of spiritual friends I had been with. (I was noticeably shaking when they told me plus I have had dreams about it)

The moon goes backward from 5 gem to 26 tau MC - this would seem very important. The difference is 9 degrees. That is from 74 west going backward becomes 83. That is exactly where I live now. The MC going to the moon would be east direction, ahead from 26 taurus to 5 gemini, where the point is 65 west.

(gives some leeway - the actual line may be slightly west or east of the degree point.

Now this raises a theory - The moon place I live now is present life. I went from a planet (moon) direct to the MC. If reversed from the MC to the moon, then we find the 9 degrees shifts to 65 west. This is the Caribbean, puerto rico, and also north near nova scotia. I had a dream about chest or treasure under a boat in a odd named places sounding like those in PR> I believe it very possible I was a sailor or viking, who had traveled to these places, one or both of them in the distant past.

So the MC or rising to a direction would appear to a point is past life, or going backwards is past, the going ahead is present. (This can be dicey because it may be one or both, and obviously not all going west is backward or to the past, or future only. There is where the intuitive or our logical insight comes in - figures are only that, to be used for our associative faculty to realize true meaning - interpretation keys are always the hardest part of the work)

best; pan
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