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Smile Re: METHODS for past lives/reincarnation

Originally Posted by Arian Maverick View Post
I hope you understand with your Virgo Ascendant and Virgo South Node,

This chart shows that Pluto rules the fourth house, but I thought Venus rules the third house because Libra is on the cusp.

pan: scorpio in equal house and some other house systems rules the 3rd.
Venus being in scorpio in that house makes the scorpio also vital.

Also, the aspect diagram shows Q in the grid that corresponds to Venus and Pluto, which designates a quintile aspect, not a semisquare. I suppose in this system the aspect type doesn't make much of a difference if they're minor aspects...?

pan: your correct. I get lazy (virgo south node) being accurate all the time. aspect is quintile, a good one, but with saturn in 2nd, financial issues echoing of the past are surely notable and challenging, for example as square uranus in cancer, making money as astrologer is near impossible.

If I'm reading Astrodienst's maps correctly, the Ascendant line through Pluto appears to run through Canada, the United States, and Cuba. Pluto on the Midheaven appears to run through Sweden, however, but not through Italy.

Correct again - Pluto rising line in leo, is also sun trine, where I live in USA, with a mutual reception, and as pluto rules 4th, not so bad to be on pluto line. Pluto is conjunct MC in Rome, Sweden, Nordic. Being on the line is not always the exact past life point, as other local signs and connection can skew it to the east or west, north or south location. For example, my family background in bergen norway is off the line to the west, but still quite realistic to accept as a point.

how does family come into play here? I associate family with the fourth house. Mars rules the fourth house and it is one of the planets you describe. Is this how it figures in?

Pan: it is the CANCER (uranus), and as noted pluto ruler of 4th in past life 12th. As well jupiter in 8th (karma, past lives, etc) rules the 4th house invisibly with sagittarius (forgot what they call that....transposed or something like that) sag is not the ruler of the 4th or the 5th.

I'm not finding this in the Graphis Ephemeris (Data Sheets) for 12 months from January 1951 until December 1951, Just to clarify, you're using the number of days in actual time when the aspect occurred, not any symbolic directions?

Pan: YES - use the actual number of days or hours of the aspect.
4.4 days equal 4.4 centuries, so it would be from 1950's back around 1520 and more than 440 years back, and as history tells, Henry VIII prime anne boleyn, etc I believe I was a noble, perhaps Henry's close friend or confidante. He and his mother (who may have been one of his wives) in this life are friends.

Does FOG mean Finger of God, - YES. FOG (VOD) can have special meaning. I am sure it does in my case. Acutely with jupiter moon and venus all aspects of import in the historical view I provided and my ability to discern these methods. Venus in 3rd, and jupiter 8th, moon in gemini in 10th. Therefore, also many mutual receptions in the FOG added noteworthy strength to the VOD aspect.

I enjoy the VOD (video on demand) at home here as well. (Smile!!! a little humor is always needed with past live looking - especially because people take themselves so seriously, and often avoid the past lives because it is true the karma they have made they still convey or convex themselves with and avoid wanting to know, even if it can release them from the past, which is always a good thing)
I do see that the Moon rises in Hawaii. (I was beginning to suspect I can't read AstroMaps.) However, this leads to the question: How close must a line be to an actual place? If this line ran through Europe, for example, certainly it would be in a different country.

EACH PLANET HAS 4 ASPECTS on the astro-cart lines - Moon rises in Hawaii (I lived there 7 years) and peaks in atlantic ocean (atlantis? probably and also nordic visits on north coast - nova scotia) but another moon setting in the middle east, probably closest is Jerusalem. It was a time along with Jesus I feel certain. Another part of the story. I think the setting of moon is indicative of ending that Christian era for myself in this life, since 2000 years of crusades and illusions of old religion is enough for me.

REMEMBER, I said primarily the chart is a map of all past lives leading up to birth. It is not who we are today, but only reflects a composite of who we were.

Thank you for allowing us to follow along.

Your welcome I would ask you for others not to share my personal details too much, as that is respectful part here in the forum. But they are shared for demonstration purposes.

Arian Maverick
Arian - my messages in underline.

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