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Re: METHODS for past lives/reincarnation

Originally Posted by Arian Maverick View Post
Can you post your natal chart... so those of us who are interested may retrace your steps?
Posted chart - note planets from 12th backwards, rising and solar arc degrees and closest aspects, planets near axis points for significance. Pluto, Uranus and Moon were most recent examples given (last 3 planets). The houses may represent other lifetimes, and the time order could easily be different, in this case, one pluto life may be long ago, another quite recent, (as 12th ruled by the leo rising may show). The rules are there, but are not always fixed because of the nature of both past lives and our individual experience.

I appreciate other methods and books such as schulman, but you will find the primary purpose of this thread demonstrates the methods listed in original post. Thank you all.

Lifetimes references can also be of both actual or 'achetypal'. Each of us has a throng of past 'entities', that is a group of identifiable traits/types that we may relate to. It does not mean we were hitler, st. peter, lincoln, or any other shakespeare. The best purpose is to realize the connections and release the karmic ties or bonds, so they do not affect or control our directions or inner senses. The purpose is to liberate oneself from the past as much as be aware of how it may be affecting us. Talents can be assessed, but the purpose should always be for present moment and lifetime use.
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