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Re: METHODS for past lives/reincarnation

I have Jupiter in 8th house well aspected and pluto in 12, venus in scorpio.
Suspect strong important sense of past lifetimes/significant exploration.

Planet position: 12th house Pluto in Leo. pluto rules 4th and 3rd, sextile neptune, trine sun. semisquare venus in 3rd in scorpio. A leader, creative artist or shaman, family power or strong ties, adventure, loss of money or owning, travel, writing or speaker (I have discovered this lifetime person)

Pluto place - pluto rises in Rome up to Sweden. suspect nordic viking heritage runs deep. Norwegian descent. Roman life was likely place of death. surname Peter named after priest peter marshall (movie made 'a man named peter', and st. peter died in rome. (am not saying I was apostle peter) - spiritual relationship in many christians lifetimes as preist monk likely. Pluto is 12 degrees from rising (1939 key year for pluto event - world war II origins in europe. enemy of spirit (Hitler) rises. (No, I was not Hitler, rather indicates significant year for pluto event in my past). My research suggests a foreign writer took up the story of the life and tribe I was part of as an Indian and wrote a book.

11th house Uranus - in cancer, strong square saturn and mars, trine venus, venus 3rd house. - family of import, background, wealth, leadership or authority crisis. look for place over oceans or sea travel

dating exact aspects - (Use closest to birth time). Uranus squared Saturn 4 days before birth. This is equal to 4, 40, or 400 years before birth. (1 to tenths rule) - 400 years ago was about 1550 - have found people and examples plus family history - likely Henry 8th cohort noble.
40 years ago was around 1910 - immigration of norwegian and cancer mother's family to America.

Moon in Gemini 10th house - writer of note, FOG with venus axis and sextile jupiter. Moon rises in Hawaii, peaks (MC) in Israel or Persia/Egypt area. Moon is 86 degrees from rising, suggests 86 years before birth (1865) as a year of birth, which coincides with the birth of the indian leader above) There is a chance of more than one life lived in the same time frame. I cannot explain this, but it is possible. The second life was as a writer and traveler.

I realize not all past life charts are as emphatic as my own, but here so you can see some of the methods to follow.
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