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METHODS for past lives/reincarnation

This thread explores past life ASTROLOGY METHODS by paneagle

first principle) The birth chart is a sum total of all past lives up to birth

second principle) the Mann theory supposes each planet is a key past life
- there is also the 12 houses (viewed singularly and back from rising) for each of the past 12 lifetimes.

regression methods - relate day/hour/or degree for a year/decade/or century (same as progressions ahead for future)

regression (backwards) to time of exact planetary aspects is important - to axis (mc, asc, desc, nadir) points. Can use ascendent as 1 degree per year backwards in time. Find the number of hours or days before birth when aspect occured. (Use the 1 for 1 rule, which is exampled by 4 days = 4, 40 or 400 years, could even be 4000 years back)

solar arc - use 1 degree per year for rising, sun, moon, mc, mostly -
I use the 60x sol harmonic to exacting precision and vital realizations. (progressed chart is better for current life main events - especially solar and sol arc)

Places and locations can be related astro-cartographically, using axis degrees of planets to places rising, setting, MC, IC using birth chart.

Exactness is important. Where each exact is found is illuminating but more than one life can be lived along a planet axis point.

I will use my own examples to start your discussion and exploration.
Examine your own feelings and sense of possible past life, culture, background, temperaments, interests.

first response will be my own. You will find some very interesting things doing this. ASTRO FORUM people - Please share some of your findings. Thank you

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