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Alright, Alright, I'm Introducing Myself Now.

Hey. Long time lurker. Name's Bree (obviously). I've always had a fascination with the unusual or anything different from the norm. And I've always had a curiosity to want to know everything -- seriously, if I was to be granted immortality, I'd take it in an insant to live forever so I can learn everything there is to know, languages, cultures, arts, everything.

Astrology was something my mom liked to look through herself with, only by sun signs. She never went further. I learned it first through her, and she brought a book for sun signs by the days, and it mentioned something about moon and rising signs. From there on, I wanted to know more.

Recently, I've started to look through this even more deeply. I'm very much of an amatuer, and would certainly like someone to take me under their wing if I was to be that lucky.

Here's my background, although: Italian-American, and also Deaf-American. Hard of hearing though (Deaf by culture). I'm 21, in college. Supposed to graduate for Psychology, but I changed it last year, lol. Aiming to be an English teacher. Still love Psychology, I love examing the human mind, and my Deafness in me (because of its physical language of sign, facial expression, and body movements) makes me more adept. I just find that fascinating although. Changed my majors because of specific reasons. I should be out by two years or a year and a half. My boyfriend says I'm meant to be on this Earth, to be an in-between of everything to learn, to experience, and possibly to teach and help out whoever students that needs it. I know, exaggerated confidence but I do like that support and faith. But he does have some moments of knowing when things will happen. Not that I'm referencing that to my teaching goal, I just find humor in everything. I read and write, of course.

Okay, I said enough. I doubt a lot would read a chock full of those, but hopefully I'd get to talk to some of you! Would be cool to befriend others fascinated in this and want to learn more as well, or maybe you already learned it (but there's always more to learn I think. Universe keeps expanding).

Oh. I'm a Scorpio, btw. Sag. moon sign and Virgo rising sign. Lol.

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