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Re: Table and explanation of natural dignities and debilities

Originally Posted by sworm09 View Post
Hey petosiris,

Would you say that the domiciles and exaltations would need to be flipped in the Southern Hemisphere? For example the Sun would be exalted in Libra as that marks the start of spring down there. I noticed you mentioned that the winds for the trigons would be flipped, so I would think that the same would apply to the domiciles and exaltations.

I love what you're doing though and find the seasonal rationale and relative simplicity of it all very appealing.
Yes, I would flip everything for S. I actually have a 5-fold system, that I explain here. -

Here are the more relevant parts:

29. Climates
Make universal investigations with the climate of the region, tropical, dry, temperate, continental or polar, the rainforest regions have high rainfall and temperature, monsoon regions have rainfall season, tropical savanna regions have moderate temperature and humidity, the humid continental regions have variable weather pattern and large seasonal variance, oceanic regions have plentiful precipitation, Mediterranean regions have airy spring, fiery summer, earthy autumn and watery winter, while steppe regions have high variation of temperature, subarctic regions have very cold weather and little precipitation, tundra regions have permafrost, the polar regions have covering with ice, and desert regions have little precipitation, extremely low humidity and high variation between diurnal and nocturnal temperature, for equatorial regions, places must be disregarded in favour of angles, configurations and non-wandering stars, likewise proportionally therefrom with the reversal of places and winds for the southern hemisphere, and for polar regions, angles must be disregarded in favour of places, configurations and non-wandering stars, according to latitude
We must note the particular geographical peculiarities of regions to obtain accurate prognostication of the weather and the winds.

Likewise, for universal and genethlialogical investigations exactly at the equator, different system of predomination is to be used, based on complete and powerful configurations having twice the power of operative and moderate configurations, and predomination based on the qualities of angles (Hour-Marker - Mars, Midheaven - Sun by day and Jupiter by night, Setting - Venus by day and Moon by night, Anti-Midheaven - Saturn by day and Mercury by night) because the predominations of houses, elevations, trigons and bounds are useless. Planets become powerful, operative and inoperative only based on their angularity and phases in case of the five planets. For investigations in between the equator and the tropics, both equatorial and temperate systems are to be used proportionally.

Likewise, for universal and genethlialogical investigations exactly at the pole, angles and the Lot of Fortune are not to be used. Universal judgement is to be made from eclipses, new moons and full moons alone, for nativities, the Moon alone predominates the body, the Sun alone predominates action, Venus by day and Moon by night predominate siblings, Jupiter for men and Venus for women predominate children and friendship. Planets become powerful, operative and inoperative only with respect to the universe. The method of temporal intervals is not to be used, instead the method of solar intervals, moving the planets 1 forward in the ecliptic every year. For investigations in between the pole and the arctic circles, the temperate system is to be used whenever possible (because there is no circumpolarity of the ecliptic) and the polar system otherwise (because there is circumpolarity of the ecliptic).
This system can't be criticized, except perhaps for being too rational and physical.
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