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Re: My chart is a puzzle

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
If is is hard for you to feel a strong sense of identity, perhaps it is because your sun makes no major aspects-- just the conjunction with Ceres. In Cancer, they probably make you a deeply caring person, but it can be hard to know how to relate to other people. This unanchored sense of self is reinforced by your moon-Mercury opposed by Neptune, making it hard to know what you really think or feel; and also Uranus, because your thoughts and feelings probably change often.

However, your moon and sun are in mutual reception. Your Leo moon's potential for generosity of spirit should blend well with your caring Cancer nature. Putting your focus on other people should be helpful.
Yes, i often graft myself to other's family or popular figure i admire because i got a total lack of identity. My Leo Moon is in a mutual reception but is very poorly aspected (3 squares, 2 oppositions)

Well a lot of people either tell me to focus on myself or either on other's people so i don't really know now what is the truth
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